About us

KECC is creating a better and more prosperous future for all.

Sharing Management

KECC keeps in mind that the practice of sharing is a corporate responsibility, and is constantly striving to become a company that is respected by the clients and society by practicing sharing in different ways, both at home and abroad. ”

In Korea

KECC recognizes that the practice of sharing is the basis of corporate advancement, and is actively carrying out a number of environmental improvement projects for the development of local communities, including the Eco-Tree Campaign for carbon reduction and various support activities.


KECC is always striving to fulfill its responsibilities as a global company by practicing sharing management in a range of ways, such as by supporting the underprivileged in the regions where we are established and fostering technical manpower in the countries in which we operate, focusing on our overseas branches and business sites.

Key Activities

Inviting Foreign Public Officials to provide Training for Technology Transfer

To improve the construction engineering technology of the countries we deal with when conducting overseas projects, KECC continuously engages technology transfer training by inviting personnel involved with the projects, such as technicians and public officials, to Korea. So far, we have provided technology transfer training to engineers and related public officials in Senegal, Azerbaijan, Angola and etc. which has contributed to enhancing Korea’s image.

Inviting Overseas Engineers to provide Training for Technology Transfer

KECC is practicing the sharing of KECC's advanced technology through training in order to transfer environmental impact assessment technology to developing countries. In this area, KECC has made a small contribution to improving Vietnam's environmental impact assessment technology by providing technology transfer training to engineers in the Vietnam Environmental Impact Assessment Association.

Participation in Eco-Tree Campaign - Joined Tree Planting Campaign to Reduce Carbon

Jointly with Gimhae City, KECC is taking the lead in the Eco Tree Forest Creation Project, an exemplary environmental action campaign that involves working together while raising awareness of the importance of the environment through trees. In particular, KECC is striving to protect the environment and prevent global warming by signing a sponsorship contract for Eco Tree No. 1 Garden in Gimhae.

KECC Sharing Account

The purpose of this is to utilize the KECC Sharing Account, which was created to build a sense of community through the participation of employees in social contribution activities and to enhance the company's image, in accordance with the purpose of its establishment.

How to create a Sharing Account
Individual voluntary application (KRW 2,000 per account, matching grant method)
Commencement Date
January 2017
Use of KECC Sharing Account
Participation in disaster recovery donation / Donation in case of major domestic and overseas disasters (typhoon, flood, earthquake, forest fire, etc.) Participation in helping needy neighbors (including volunteer activities) / talent donation, etc.