About us

KECC is creating a better and more prosperous future for all.

Quality/ Environment/ Safety

“ We design happiness to achieve our client's grand dreams. ”
Quality Management
  • To improve client satisfaction and reliability
  • To enhance competitiveness and expand the market
  • To continuously improve the management system
  • To achieve an effective management system through risk-based thinking
Environmental Management
  • To reduce waste management costs
  • To reduce energy and raw materials use
  • To reduce distribution costs
  • To improve the corporate image with regulators, clients and public institutions
Health and Safety Management
  • To prevent accidents through quantitative assessment of health and safety risks
  • To establish a process that takes into account the legal requirements and others related to health and safety
  • To improve productivity by reducing the accident rate and the work loss rate
“ KECC provides the highest quality service through sophisticated technology and continuous efforts to improve quality, and seeks for quality, environment, safety and health management to harmonize with infrastructure and environmental preservation. ”


  • 인증서 이미지
    Certification Number
    Certification Standard
    KS Q ISO 9001:2015 ISO 9001:2015
  • 인증서 이미지
    Certification Number
    Certification Standard
    KS I ISO 14001:2015 ISO 14001:2015
  • 인증서 이미지
    Certification Number
    OHK 034820
    Certification Standard
    ISO 45001:2018
Scope of Certification
  1. 1. Civil Engineering Surveys, Design and Construction Management
  2. 2. Environmental Assessment, Design, and Construction Management (including Environmental Plants)
  3. 3. Landscaping, Urban and Regional Development Planning, Design and Construction Management
  1. 4. Design and Construction Management in the Fields of Transmission, Power Distribution, and Building Equipment
  2. 5. Design and Construction Management for Energy Saving Project (ESCO)
  3. 6. Design and Construction Management for Renewable Energy Projects (Solar, Bio, Wind, Fuel Cell, Waste, Geothermal, etc.)

Technologies Held by KECC

  • New Construction Technology No.627

    Finger-type expansion joint installation method of separating the upper and lower panels with cogged joint structure

  • New Construction Technology No.630

    Bioreactor construction method of sanitary landfill using double pipes with both moisture injection and landfill gas collection functions

  • New Construction Technology No.668

    Rubber barrage construction technology using rubber board that can screen the abrasion layer and glass fiber reinforced plastic clamping plate

  • New Construction Technology No.689

    Permanent ground anchor method using expansion of head and anchorage in soft rocks and hard rocks (Under-reamed Ground Anchor)

  • New Construction Technology No.711

    Method of repairing the entire sewage pipe using a non-drilling method through the adoption of multi-functional safety high-pressure hoses (MSHS method)

  • New Construction Technology No.761

    Method of manufacturing and installing hydraulic integrated sluice gates without a hoisting device installation structure on the upper part of the sluice gate

  • New Construction Technology No.796

    Method of laying a non-excavated small-diameter sewer pipe, which presses in the casing and the new pipe together

  • New Construction Technology No.810

    Method of constructing an underground structure in a non-excavation method in which the cap is installed inside the steel pipe and then the steel rib is rigidly connected to the cap.