KECC is a major comprehensive engineering company working in all areas of engineering in Korea.


KECC is opening a new path forward for the country. As the economy develops, the need for transportation facilities increases. In response to the rapid increase in traffic demand that Korea has seen since the 1970s, KECC has taken the lead in the research and development of transportation systems across the country. KECC has played a part in supporting balanced national land development and national economic development with its technical services across a range of fields, including feasibility studies, master plans, and detailed designs. KECC has a track record of achievements that includes new & expansion projects for a number of expressways and major national highways, including Seoul-Sejong, Seoul-Yangyang, Gyeongbu, Seohaean, Honam, Jungbu, 88, and Namhae. KECC also has notched a number of achievements in the areas of autonomous driving experimental cities, driver safety experience research centers, and road construction management plans. KECC is still leading the way in the area of roads.