KECC is a major comprehensive engineering company working in all areas of engineering in Korea.

Geotechnical Engineering

KECC is taking responsibility for the stability of the ground you walk on. Since building the "Smart Total Solution" that can perform perfect geotechnical design according to the characteristics of structures after conducting geotechnical surveys and laboratory tests directly at KOLAS (Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme), a government-accredited test institute owned by KECC, and analyzing the precise ground conditions, KECC has successfully carried out numerous geotechnical designs such as tunnels, soft ground, slopes, structural foundations, and temporary sheathing facilities in Korea and abroad. In addition, KECC has built its expertise by actively participating in the design of large-scale underground spaces with a high level of difficulty, as well as the soil pollution purification project, slope safety analysis, and underground safety impact assessment, which are new business areas, and is leading the design of the geotechnical field.